Dunya and Walaa are very close friends who came all the way from Iraq and Egypt to New Zealand. They are very passionate about cooking and they would like to share and introduce Iraqi and Egyptian cultural cuisine to you. The dishes will include varieties of food like vegetables, meat, lentils, pasta, rice, and amazing spices. They will cook some of the most popular dishes like Koshari, Maqloba, stuffed courgette and vine leaves, and salads. Some are vegetarian and others are meat based.


Registration includes the costs of all the ingredients and you will share the food at the close of each session – you won’t need lunch on Thursdays! Please note that, due to our limited facilities, the format of these classes will be largely as a demonstration and group activity rather than at individual cooking stations. 


These cooking sessions are always fun and offer a chance to learn a lot about different cultures and each other in a relaxed, supportive environment. A recipe booklet will be provided. The cost includes all ingredients.