Online videos posted regularly throughout May and June


Nina Says: Hello to all those missing drawing class - I miss you, too. And greetings to anyone new. Due to the on-going lockdown for many, I am creating instructional videos that cover the methods and techniques taught in class.

This is new technology to me, so please forgive the delivery being less than polished. Though class content is excellent, my teaching style is less than polished - so that won't be a shock to those who know me!

Videos will cover:
1. Intro/Hello
2. Setting up your drawing space
3. Under drawing - structure and form

4. Tone 

There will be more but I haven't resolved topics or best delivery. Please give feedback and let me know what you are interested to know more about.


Sign up to this course and you will be sent links to these videos and reminders throughout the term. 


We are pleased to be bringing you this with no registration cost. We welcome a koha to support our work, you can make this via this link: http://www.cwea.org.nz/donate.php#topline