Starts 8 May - can be done at any time


What is art? A question that has never been completely answered nor ever will. It has as many variables as there are people.


Linda Hart has prepared a written history and some jpg graphic files, links for which will be emailed to you to download when you have registered. She gives a background and context to each artist and will leave you to do further research of your own.


In this first module, Linda discusses Andy Warhol and his contribution to modern art. You are welcome to contribute some thoughts of your own about Warhol or the commodification of art, which will be passed on to Linda to open up an ongoing dialogue so our art history community can continue to share our ideas.


Linda will present an Art History module every two weeks until we are able to hold classes again at the WEA in Gloucester Street.


Register here and each fortnight you will receive an email with a new subject.


We are pleased to be bringing you this with no registration cost. We welcome a koha to support our work, you can make this via this link: or at the point of registration.