Starts 11 March 10 am – 12 noon, 5 Wednesdays, $49

The Human Brain is strong but fragile - many things can go wrong, much of which we know little about.  In this course we will look at the aging brain in our twilight years.  We will look at what happens to body and brain as we age (including what is aging?), and what can happen to our brain when disease or decay set in. We will compare brain function, to explain young and old brains. We will look at various problems and diseases, considering their causes and effects, and how they differ from each other.  We will also consider recent innovations that may fundamentally change how our brains age, including whether we can wind back the clock - and if we even should.


Michael Couch has been teaching community education courses for over a decade. With an academic background in Philosophy, Classical Studies, Education and History, he recently completed his PhD in the History of Philosophy of Education in New Zealand. He enjoys learning new topics, and incorporates 

passion and wry humour into all the courses he teaches.