Starts 18 Feb, 9.30-11.30 am, 7 Tuesdays $65

In this 7 week course learn basic tools of Compassionate Communication as developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg - founder of the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.  Compassionate Communication is a different way of talking (to others and to ourselves) which avoids abuse, judgements, blame, criticisms or demands and instead focuses on what it is we and those around us really want - our universal human needs.  


Jim has been studying and practising Compassionate Communication for over 10 years and teaching workshops in Christchurch since 2016.  He says "In our habitual communication we often ask for what we want in tragically ineffective ways", for example we might say "You're such a messy slob" to our partner/flatmate/child when what we are longing for is an orderly and beautiful environment to live in.  Compassionate Communication has tremendous potential in the realm of conflict resolution and we will touch on that during the course.