Starts 10 Feb, 10 am–12 noon, 6 Mondays, $57

This 6 week course is for anyone wanting to write or wanting to give more time to their writing. Linda is herself a writer and literary critic with a passion for helping others build their confidence and reach their potential. Each term there is a different theme or twist which is explored by the group. On this term’s theme Linda says:

When I was an early teen Comedian Peter  Sellers starred in a film called ‘Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Bomb’. It was the zeitgeist at a time in the fifties and sixties where human craziness seemed likely to end the world. Unfortunately the threat hasn’t diminished. There’s still unreliable fingers on the nuclear grenade and added to this we are experiencing the increasing effects of climate change. As individuals it’s easy to feel powerless. Over the past year, our writing group has expressed some of these ideas and feelings through writing. Diversity has been our strength and this has facilitated extraordinary work, generously shared. The collective wit, wisdom, original ideas and some of the pain which is part of being human have created a strong bond between us. Our strength is our diversity and we welcome all those who love to write and are open to sharing their ideas.


Individual mentoring is offered as an optional extra.