Starts 5 Feb, 12.30 - 2.30 pm, 5 Wednesdays, $49

With sword and shield, or on horseback with bow and arrow, many women have led their armies to war.  Some have been great parliamentarians, while others have led change at lower levels while their male contemporaries whittled time away on the throne.  This course will look at a dozen women who have led their country into the future, to success or failure, in countries around the world.  Some familiar, some not, all are taken from a wide range of places and times and will be considered in their wider context and influence.


Michael Couch has been teaching community education courses for over a decade. With an academic background in Philosophy, Classical Studies, Education and History, he recently completed his PhD in the History of Philosophy of Education in New Zealand. He enjoys learning new topics, and incorporates passion and wry humour into all the courses he teaches.