Starts 30 October followed by 4 and 11 December, 3 Wednesdays, 6 – 8 pm 

$25 *includes vegetarian or vegan pizza each night

In May, 2018 we ran a successful series on this critical topic. We had 70 enrolments and it was largely an information sharing exercise in which we had a few presenters to bring us all up to speed on the latest innovative thinking about the state of our planet. We investigated future strategies/alternatives - organised around ecological/regenerative agriculture, socio-cultural-political, and economic (steady state/doughnut/circular) themes. We followed this up in April 2018 when we had more participation and brainstorming around possible 'solutions'. This began to address the fundamental goal of the course which was to design stepping stones from BAU (business as usual) to sustainable futures - without frightening the horses. 

We are going to have a further attempt this term - in which we will start to actually write a kind of menu or manifesto that builds on and draws from all the other work in this field. Join us for this important work as we create together, growing and sharing our collective knowledge and ideas. Don’t be shy, we want everyone to participate, being a scribe, throwing ideas, phrases, grammar, references, or corrections, into the mix, or being good listeners.  We will take the material that is assembled over the 3 evenings (with the usual pizza and refreshments) and look at editing it into possible publication over the following year. We will be looking for editors. Everyone who wants to, can be listed as a co-author.

Please let us know if you would like vegan or gluten free pizza options.