In some respects calling this course painting is a misnomer. So far we have been studying the tools and tactics used by painters since the late 19th century to the present day, and in term 3 have been using collage and oil pastels to get our effects.

We have studied some painting 'isms', all of which have introduced new concepts. If we understand what has occurred to revolutionize art in the last 120 years, it means we don't have to go on re-inventing the wheel. Instead it’s possible to get on with developing an artistic identity out of our own lifetime of experience and with a clear understanding of what tools and tactics artists before us have used to achieve memorable effects. As this term is a spring/summer term, we would hope to take advantage of the local landscape in order to build up a repertoire of imagery and explore ways to work out how to maximize our skills when turning this into a painting. As a course, this is suitable for both experienced painters and newbies alike. Please bring along your own sketch block of good quality paper and $10 in cash to cover the cost of all other materials.

Please note there will be no class on 15 November as it is Canterbury Show Day.