Join Dr Mohammed Aljabawe for this fascinating exploration of Islamic arts and culture from ancient times to the modern day. From house building to decorative art, mosque design to town planning, this 5 session course will look at how Islamic cultural traditions have influenced many aspects of design around the world. The sessions will be structured as follows:

1  The Ancient civilization and culture before Islam; what is the ideology of Islam, 

the relation between Islam and other religions

2  The influence of Islam on the articulation of space in Islamic cities (form and structure). Public building such as schools, squares etc

3  Mosque building; design principles, form and style

4  Traditional houses and contributory architecture

5  Islamic art and decoration

Dr Aljabawe was born in Iraq in the city of Babylon and holds a PhD in Architecture and Town Planning, he has written five books in his field of study and teaches in many universities around the world.