Writing is a practice. Whether you are writing a novel, articles, reports, blogs, poetry or letters, it requires writing fitness. If you are on a sports fitness regime no one would question the need to have the right tools in order to maximize your potential.

This year the writers engaged on this course, most of whom are beginning on the starters block, have shown incredible individual flare. To further develop this potential, the final term of 2019 will be focused on studying how to use language to get best outcomes. In order to achieve this, we will be analysing excerpts from a variety of well-regarded writers to gauge what tools they are using and to what effect. 

This course with Linda Hart follows the previous three terms writing courses but is still open to new attendees. It is suitable for anyone wanting to further their own writing journey, particularly those who are looking for some support and guidance along the way. Linda is an experienced writer and literary critic as well as a passionate educator. 

Please note there will not be a class on the 28th October as it is labour day.