Have you always wanted to play the guitar but never had the time? Or did you used to play the guitar and would like to pick it up again? In this class we will start from the beginning to learn and revise tuning, correct technique and posture, and progress to strumming and picking chords, as well as reading tablature and sheet music. All paper materials provided. Please note: you will be expected to do some practice at home between classes! 

Students will need their own guitar [preferably classical in style [traditional rounded shape, three nylon strings]] and an electronic tuner [preferably a "headstock" tuner, as these can be used in group situations]. Students may also like to use a guitar step if they already have one handy.

Limited to 8 students.

NB:  YOU MUST BRING A TUNER (an app on a phone is not sufficient as it won’t work in a group setting)