When we make a picture, we tend to place important things in the foreground and things that seem less important in the background.  This is because the subject of our painting often reflects what we have already learned.  It’s like doing our hair before looking in the mirror so our expectations of how we look is not too disrupted by reality. However, the world beyond ourselves is not personal. It just is, regardless of our preferences.  

Painting styles are formed out of preferences which have become a norm. Perspective for instance suggests there is a horizon line on your canvas and everything is sized relative to its distance from this. All ordered according to the eye of the beholder.  These six sessions are about how to play with the placement of objects in your composition. Each session is about using certain strategies to achieve an effect that both surprises and delights.  

The course is a kind of workshop designed to free us from preconceived notions and find fresh ways of painting and seeing.   As a course, it is suitable for both experienced painters and newbies alike.

Please bring along your own sketch block of good quality paper and $10 to cover the cost of all other materials.