Starts 16 March, 10 am – 12 noon, 2nd & 3rd sessions 10 – 11.30 am, 3 Saturdays, $21
Do you know the 3 methods to stop doing unwanted habits? Cathie will give you research based guidance and skills to stop your unwanted habit.  A bad habit is when you do the same undesired action repeatedly without much thought. Examples of ‘bad habits’ are:  eating too much, or eating unhealthy food, spending too much time on screens (e.g. TV/ social media/gaming/web browsing), staying up too late, nail biting, regularly over-spending, smoking.  This is a practical course and you will be expected to take actions daily throughout it.  If you are not quite ready at the time of the course to stop your ‘major’ bad habit you may still attend.  In this case you will need to come prepared with a ‘minor’ bad habit that you are ready to stop doing.  You will use this minor bad habit to practice on during the course.  (Later you can use the skills learnt on your major bad habit).
To get the full benefit of the course it is important that you read the material sent to you prior to the course starting.  For more information visit Cathie's website    Cathie is a professional life coach who specialises in helping people who struggle to change their behaviour.