Enjoy writing but want to hone your craft? Made a new year’s resolution to start writing and want to stick to it? Then join this exciting introductory course.

It is designed to capture thinking and feelings in writing. Writing is an excellent way of processing thoughts as it takes longer than speaking, and this gives the time necessary to analyse, qualify and revise.   It’s a way of consolidating an opinion or a feeling and taking ownership of it.

Each session will focus on a different form of writing as follows: 

1  Writing an opinion piece:  It’s great fun to vent, but, to persuade others an opinion piece needs to be a well-constructed argument supported by evidential examples.

2  Writing a poem: Poetry can be more of a rant if you chose, but, it can also be exquisitely delicate and subtle. Poetry is possibly the most democratic form of writing because everyone who owns a thought or a feeling a can write a poem.

3  Writing a letter: This can be private or public. There are excellent discussions between letter writers in the newspapers. Private letters are a rarity nowadays, that’s why writing one to someone is an expression of commitment and therefore really valued. 

4  Writing a short Story: A short story is very much a logical construct, because like a knot it has a beginning and end which become tied tightly into the construct, so it will hold together.  Join Linda Hart for a fun and easy way to get into writing and explore this powerful means of expression and creativity.