This practical painting course is about how to use light and dark contrasts to structure objects and create emotional drama. It is a simple set of exercises but these exercises are as much for experienced painters as for beginners.

Session 1: Colour values. How to analyse hues like a musician uses scales to make a composition. 

Session 2: Applying paint like musical scales to assemble a painting of objects contained in a toned box. 

Session 3: Going out of doors to study a scene, map it into tonal zones and assemble this into a landscape painting indoors.

Session 4: Using the tonal zones of your previous painting to construct another painting and amp up the contrasts in tone for an emotional effect. 

Whether you are starting out as a new painter or are experienced with this medium, you will get great results with this accessible course from experienced art teacher and historian Linda Hart.

Please bring along your own sketch block of good quality paper and $10 to cover the cost of all other materials.