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8 May    Can we feed 10 billion + people AND save the planet? - Craig Anderson

It seems like an insurmountable problem to feed the world’s growing population sustainably. However, political and economic/financial will aside, it is theoretically possible to feed 10 billion with the same or less land area using well-placed and carefully considered education, research and development. This presentation will meander through world population trends, promote a simple method to increase the food supply by at least 30%, and will take a stroll through the possibilities of regenerative agriculture. There are real world solutions already developed and deployed to solve the crises of our time - clever farmers are already doing amazing things. Good things take time so what is our role? Craig is a scientist for the Cropping Systems and Environment group at Plant and Food Research (PFR) in Lincoln. He is passionate about environmental renewal and trying to decipher the microscopic foundations underlying earth’s ecosystems.

15 May  Fake Science/Junk Science or Actual Science? - Dr Simon Pollard

Simon will talk about science, pseudoscience and junk science and how to tell the difference. We live in a world where we are bombarded with so called “scientific” information all the time – often encouraging us to purchase particular products or

services. How does one sort the fake from the genuine, the fictitious from the factual? Dr Simon Pollard is a spider biologist, award winning writer and photographer and Adjunct Professor of Science Communication at the University of Canterbury.

29 May  Let’s Make Christchurch an Urban National Park! - Colin Meurk

Following the iNaturalist NZ – Mātaki Taiao event in the last weekend of April, when Cantabrians come together to record and celebrate Christchurch’s environmental biodiversity, Colin will present the case for turning Christchurch City into a National Park. What!!?? Well, London is in the process of declaring itself a national park this year – should Christchurch follow suit? Find out about this growing international movement to reconnect people and nature and hear the compelling case for Christchurch to declare itself Aotearoa-NZ’s first National Park City!