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Christchurch's answer to Hyde Park Corner - come along and hear an interesting and totally diverse range of speakers on the topics of our day. Come to one, come to them all, or get in touch and take to the stage yourself!

4 Sep  Foraging for Food in New Zealand – Natalie Absalom

Join experienced and passionate forager Natalie for this introduction to the world of foraging in NZ! Find out about edible weeds, seaweeds, mushrooms and more and be inspired to forage for your own dinners! Natalie has been a life-long forager and has been consistently using foraging to reduce her family's food bill for the last five years. Foraging is also a passion of hers because it requires one to maintain a strong connection to the natural cycles of our environment, something Natalie believes the modern world is destroying, to our detriment. Natalie is a forager in all senses of the word and is more than happy to share her take on the world and her skills and knowledge.

18 Sep  Local Elections: what are you really voting for? - Garry Moore

Local Elections are looming but why are they important? When you vote, what is it 


that you are actually voting for?  We all know that councils set rates and manage 

rubbish but what else is affected by our vote?  Join previous Mayor of Christchurch Garry Moore for an insiders look at the elections, the issues we should be thinking about and the questions we should be putting to our potential representatives in October.