Starts 19 Feb, 7-8.30 pm, Wednesdays, $Gold Coin Koha

Christchurch's answer to Hyde Park Corner - come along and hear an interesting and totally diverse range of speakers on the topics of our day. Come to one, come to them all, or get in touch and take to the stage yourself!

 1.     VEGANISM 101 – with Yolanda Soryl

Wednesday 19 Feb, 7-8.30 pm 

Join us for this introduction to veganism covering all the basics including the why’s and how’s of being vegan. Find out what drives many people to go vegan, plus nutrition pointers and practical tips. If you are considering either a fully plant based or more plant heavy diet this talk is for you. Yolanda Soryl is a butcher’s daughter who went vegetarian aged 18, vegan at 26 and raised her 4 children from birth to adulthood as vegan too. She is a founder and President of the Christchurch Vegan Society. Yolanda has created resources, groups, founded and organised events such as the Christchurch Vegan Expos, Vegan Triathlons, Vegan Film Festivals, Vegan Camps and written and spoken on vegan issues both in NZ and internationally.

 2.     MAKING MUSIC GREENER - with Daniel Madill

Wednesday 18 March, 7-8.30 pm 

The world is facing a myriad of ecological catastrophes – plastic pollution, resource depletion, mass extinction and most notably, climate change. What roles and responsibilities does music have in the face of these crises? This session looks at the environmental impact of music production and distribution and what musicians and others in the music industry can do to make a difference.


Wednesday 1 April, 7-8.30 pm

Is the earth flat? Did we pretend to go to the moon? Should Bigfoot donate its body to pseudoscience? Why are these and other conspiracy theories so popular? This April fools’ day join Dr Simon Pollard for a light-hearted look at some of the world’s most persistent conspiracy theories.Dr Simon Pollard has a PHD in Zoology and is Adjunct Professor of Science Communication at the University of Canterbury.