Styx river Bus trip



Lecture 13th February - 1-2 pm at the CWEA

Bus trip on the 20th February 12.30-5.30

The trip will (time permitting) traverse the entire length of the Styx River beginning at Nunweek Park and finishing at Brooklands.  It is unusual to be able to do a traverse of an entire, albeit short, river like this. We will see the transformation of the river from a usually dry channel to a fast flowing, sparkling spring-fed stream in its upper reaches and then to a darker placid river overhung by willows in the lower reaches. Finally we will do a short walk to see where the Styx joins the Waimakariri
We will walk (optional) at various points, most notably through the Styx Mill Conservation Reserve but there are several other little known interesting nooks which we will also explore on foot.
Afternoon tea (BYO) will probably be taken at the attractively landscaped Redwood Springs.

 Hugh Thorpe is an expert on this area and has a wide knowledge of the waterways which impact on Christchurch.