NZSL is complex, fascinating, beautiful, unique, graceful and expressive.

It is the natural language of the Deaf community in New Zealand and one of three official languages of New Zealand.  It has no linguistic connection to spoken or written languages.  It has its roots in British Sign Language with influences from Australian Sign Language. NZSL reflects New Zealand culture by including signs for Maori Terminology and culture unique to NZ/Aotearoa.

 Learning another language is a great booster for the brain, it enriches and enhances your cognitive processes: higher abstract and creative thinking, better problem-solving, greater cognitive flexibility, better listening skills.  It also promotes cultural awareness, literacy, and other intellectual benefits.

 This Course is Sign Language for beginners - an introduction. Learn basic sign language, to communicate in everyday social situations. Learn how to approach a deaf person in a friendly way Introduction to cultural practices of the deaf community"

Held at the Deaf Society Club, 80 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch (corner of Fitzgerald Ave and Tuam St).