Social issues Soap Box

Social issue Soap box. Discussions with a variety of speakers coming in 2018


In this series we aim to have speakers to stimulate discussion, introduce new challenges,  parade their new research, argue for causes, focus your political  discussion etc.  We would like to have our hall become Hyde Park corner in Gloucester street.

 Topics we intend to include are

  • Housing:  History of social housing; Affordable Architecture; Tiny Houses; Cooperative Hosing; Co Housing
  • Politics: Compulsory voting? lowering voting age?
  • New Science: 
  • Environmental challenges and new thinking in this area.
  • Community development and sustainability

 Speakers who have agreed to be involved include.

  • Dr Susanne Finlay --
  • Dr Sylvia Nissen -Department of Political Science and IR, University of Canterbury, NZ,& Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP), UK - The impact on voting systems and young people's politics
  • Dr Libby Caygill.
  • Sam Mahon- Artist, Environmentalist and  Citizen.
  • Glenda Martin -
  • Kyle Sutherland - Tiny Houses
  • Dan Bartlett -history of housing in Aotearoa New Zealand, and in particular the race and class factors that intersect with unhealthy housing.