CWEA POP UP SERIES- The Earth Beneath our feet, with Dr Kate Pedley


A brief geological history of the rocks of the Canterbury region and how plate tectonics have shaped and influenced this land we call home. Why is North Canterbury a good wine region? Why are there so many hills in North Canterbury and where do they come from? Why do we experience frequent earthquakes? Two talks followed by a field excursion to new faults in North Canterbury.

Kate's current research projects include; mapping the fault rupture effects of the M 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake; designing an interactive Earth Science Garden for the UC campus and geomorphology of the Waimakariri glacial sequences.

This will be held over three days with Wednesday and Thursday teaching sessions (10am-12pm), followed by a whole day field trip on Friday (9 a m-4pm). Numbers will be limited so please enrol early.