A Century of Peacemakers in Canterbury


A courageous group of women and men campaigned against militarism before and during WW1, and more than 60 conscientious objectors were imprisoned near Christchurch. Their actions laid the foundations for a strong peace movement nationally. They inspired further opposition to wars and especially nuclear war. Local peace campaigns which culminated in the nuclear free legislation (1987), the historic advisor opinion on nuclear weapons in the United Nations. Christchurch was also the the first nuclear free city (1982) and first Peace City (2002). The course will be presented by Margaret Lovell-Smith, lead researcher for the Voices Against War Research project; Commander Robert Green RN (Ret'd), a former operator of nuclear weapons turned to peace campaigner, and Dr Katie Dewes who with Rob Green directs the Christchurch Disarmament & Security Centre. Kate & Rob have just returned from representing some New Zealand non-governmental organisations at negotiations in the UN on a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.