Changing Your Failure Patterns to Success Patterns. The Fundamentas of Increasing Self-Efficacy


After trying and failing, many people believe, that they just don't have what it takes to change their behaviour. Research shows this low self-efficacy becomes a self fulling prophecy. The more a person doubts their capabilities, the lower their chances of succeeding. Just 'thinking positive' isn't enough to break this 'failure pattern'. At this workshop you will learn the fundamentals, the most important, research based strategies to help you break your 'failure pattern' and increase your self-efficacy.

Is this workshop for you? This workshop is for anyone who lacks confidence that they can do (and keep doing) the behaviours needed to reach their goals. Some of the goals previous participants at this workshop worked on; getting organised, time management, finances, paper work, clutter, eating healthy, becoming fit, stopping procrastinating, thinking before reacting, stopping nail biting, stopping smoking and becoming assertive.

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Cathie is a professional life coach who specializes in supporting people who want to change their behaviour.